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Episode#300 Tuesday the 15th of December,2015 at 10pm in the JOY studios Melbourne Town. In A Radio station NOT so far far away…Sonja The Squeamer has the flow of The Force within her as LIVE in studio special guests including Marc Huntington from ArtBoy Gallery, Lauren Stardust, Rachel/Trance Humphreys, Dylan Adler/DylStick , Jimmy Twin and Clayton-Claytox-Wimshurst Fan-Out completely in the lead up to one of the biggest movie release dates of any genre film, or ANY film, in cinematic history: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. December 17th ( Midnight) is the launch date in Australia and The Squeamer Squad have plenty to say about the impending film so long awaited, and the history of the film franchise originally by George Lucas.

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Trance talks about the purpose and importance of the Jawas in the franchise,Lauren on the role of women and females in the films and representation how it has been lacking, how that is changing, and of course Princess Leia and Feminism,

Below Left to Right for the 300th episode :Rachel/Trance Humphreys, Jimmy Twin and a Droid,Dylan/DylStick,Marc Huntington from ArtBoy Gallery and Lauren Stardust!

300th Squad

Jimmy Twin on Boba Fett and Clones, Marc Huntington reveals his childhood experiences and the significance of Star Wars in his life growing up Queer. Dylan talks about video games and the EU with Star Wars especially with the recent Star Wars Battlefront,

In Studio Squad

Finally The Squeamer chips in and discusses her childhood and gender roles and Star Wars and Diversity and it’s importance, and Claytox does a Star Wars poem just for tonight’s show #300!!

Love Wars Pink for Xmas

Thanks to Ross Larcombe for SFX and very special intro tags for tonight’s show!

Thanks to Clayton/Claytox for the Poem and for the editing of this HUGE Podcast!

And thanks goes to all The Squeamer Squad:Dylan,Trance, Lauren,Claytox, Jimmy and Marc!

300 The Squeam Awakens for Podcast

And thank you to listening to 300 episodes over 6 years. Just Let It In…..

Squad 300th


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