When The Squeamer met Tarantino


The Full interview with Sonja-The Squeamer-Hammer and Quentin Tarantino is here! Sonja along with Darcy Oliver from Syn Media had the great fortune to talk to Tarantino about his new movie The Hateful Eight at Crown Casino hotel in Melbourne on Monday January the 18th 2016 as a part of the movie’s press junket.

The Squeamer and Tarantino Podcast 1

Tarantino talks about the films only female character Daisy Domergue played by Oscar nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh and the art of 70 mm film format and Race in the film and something called ‘The Lincoln Letter’ and what it was like working with composer maestro Ennio Morricone and his favourite stunt woman  Zoe Bell.

Quentin and Daisy for Podcast 1

Stay Posted as the VIDEO of the interview is coming….soon. Thank you to Roadshow Films Australia for the opportunity to talk to Quentin. Thankyou to Clayton Wimshurst. 

Hateful 3 Tarantino for Podcast 1


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Vogue Tarantino and Me for Podcast 1