Diversity & Inclusion Training

Diversity & Inclusion Training


Diversity & Inclusion Training

At JOY, we believe that in order to make your workplace more inclusive for your LGBTIQA+ team you need 3 ingredients – visibility, education and well written and implemented polices.


You can’t be what you can’t see!
Marian Wright Edelman, American civil rights activist

This quote from Marian Wright Edelman reminds us that until people have a name for something, understand the change it represents, and recognise it as desirable, they have trouble accepting it and taking steps to get there.
Visibility a vital tool for workplaces working on improving LGBTIQA+ inclusion.

We can offer training that coincides with days of significance such as Wear it Purple Day, IDAHOBIT Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance and more.


It’s a well-known fact that when employees feel safe and supported at work, the entire company benefits. Make your workplace the most accepting, accessible and inclusive place to work by enrolling your team in JOY’s Inclusion and Diversity Training.

Every one of us has unconscious bias, prejudices and opinions that may not be well researched and can affect those around us. Without meaning to, often a throwaway comment or joking point of view can make people feel excluded and unaccepted.   

Inclusion training can help your team see other colleagues’ perspectives, assist with empathy and foster a trusting, productive environment where everyone is accepted.

This training is delivered online OR face to face with up to where participants  will cover topics like inclusive LGBTIQA+ language, intersections of queer identities, trans and gender diversity, pronouns, writing diversity policy, and much more.

Our JOY Academy Trainers are experts in LGBTIQA+ training and have lived experience within the rainbow community.


Diversity targets need to be shared and communicated in the organisation and code of conduct written and adhered to. Diversity management in your
organisation also includes policy and initiatives in relation to gender equity, sexual diversity and flexible work for employee work & family life balance. We will
help you develop policies that are developed with your team and leaders together.

Our experts can help your organisation write and implement effective Diversity & Inclusion policies.


Our Diversity & Inclusion training can be delivered in any format – Half Day, 2 hour sessions, lunchtime learning, one on one coaching (face to face or via Skype) based on your learning needs and time commitments. We also conduct Public D & I training at the Pride Centre on a regular basis.

What will we cover:

  • Why is inclusion and diversity important in the workplace?
  • Gender Diversity v Sexual Diversity
  • Unravelling the LGBTIQA+ acronym
  • Intersections of Queer identities
  • Understanding privilege for different cultures, sexualities and genders
  • The power of inclusive language
  • Breaking down the stereotypes

For more info on education services for corporations and workplaces: 

If you have any questions, contact Fiona Newton on

Custom Diversity and Inclusion Training Videos

JOY can also create custom educational videos for your business or organisation. 

These can be utilised for specific projects or campaigns, or can be general Inclusion and Diversity Training videos.

Below is an example of one of these videos, created for the STAR Health and Thorne Harbour Health Pop Up Vaccination Hub during Rainbow Vaccination Week 2021.

This video was created to provide to the clinicians working at the Vaccination Clinics to help educate them to make sure they were being safe an inclusive in their interactions with the LGBTQIA+ community.

For more info on education services for corporations and workplaces: 
please call us on +61 03 9267 6042  or email 


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