Deja Vu.

Join Matt on a journey through the best in Soulful and Deep House.


1.  Deja Vu – E-Smoove ft Latanza Waters

2.  Desires – DJ Tommy Marcus (David Morales Mix)

3.  Kim English – Treat Me Right (Jon Cutler Mix)

4. Fly Me Higher – Tony Vass (Earnshaw & Jines Radio Remode)

5.  Feelin’ Love – Solaris ft Norman Anderson (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix)

8. So Long Gone – Brian Power ft Rebecca Scales (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix)

9. Bring Me Joy – The Layabouts ft Portia Monique (Director’s Cut Remix)

10. Time After Time – Babert

11.  Let The Drums Speak – Bah Samba

13. So Sweet – Mark Picchiotti ft Dana Divine (Mark Picchiotti Classic Mix)

14. Take Me Home – Sara Devine (MAW Remix)