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In this show we talk about recent government apologies and religious perspectives on apologising.

Aboriginal Flag flying above Victorian Parliament

Source: premier.vic.gov.au

26 May was National Sorry Day. An Aboriginal flag flew above Victoria’s Parliament House to mark the Government’s apology to Indigenous children who were taken from their families – the Stolen Generations. The Federal government under Kevin Rudd apologised to the Stolen Generations on 13 February, 2008.

The transcript of the National Apology to Stolen Generations is available online, along with a timeline of the Stolen Generations and Sorry Day.

One of our listeners sent us the news story that Carnarvon Shire Council (in Western Australia) voted against flying the Aboriginal flag in NAIDOC Week.

On Tuesday, the rainbow flag flew above the Victorian Parliament as the Premier Daniel Andrews apologised on behalf of past Victorian governments for the criminalisation of gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

For more reports on this apology, listen to the Informer reports from the Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Originally broadcast on Thursday 26 May.

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