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Adonis Plays Contact: Adrian or Chris
Address PO Box 6004 Collingwood, Victoria 3066 Australia Phone: 1300 769 679
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Adonis Plays is an entirely gay-owned Australian business, sourcing the best quality adult toys and products from around the world with an emphasis on men’s pieces.  The Adonis Plays principle is all sexual expression is good as long as it is consensual, sensual and safe.  It is for this reason Adonis Plays contains products which for some may be slightly on the ‘wild’ or ‘kinky’ side, but for many are just what they want.  We champion the right of choice.

We strive to present our adults products in the best way possible, with the most relevant information you may require for each of them.  Where we can, you will find videos produced by the supplier detailing their purpose and use.  What you will not find material of a sexually explicit nature, pornography or nudity (other than for educational purposes where appropriate).

Sex is for all of us.  We encourage everyone to keep on learning about their individual sexuality through education, building communication with your partner (or partners) and plain old “trial and error”!  Think outside the box and promote a culture of healthy sexual diversity.

Remember, sex should be talked about, considerate, consensual, explored and importantly safe…enjoy yourself.

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