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JOY 94.9 is a not-for-profit volunteer-based community radio station and relies on your support to survive and grow – the station only has access to limited funds and depends on the generosity of its members and friends to fund some of the costlier items of expenditure.

Subscribers are designed for those who simply want to support JOY and the work we do without being involved in the organisational operations of the station (in the same way that members are).

We welcome people of all ages, abilities, genders, locations (including interstate and overseas) and means to help keep independent community media alive and well by taking up this option.

We will always need passionate listeners to become and remain members of JOY, giving their voice to the direction of our station and it is our hope that this additional model will complement memberships and help support JOY throughout the year, providing a much needed monthly income source.

With your monthly subscriber support, you are helping JOY to continue delivering your favourite shows:

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$5 per month

$10 per month

$15 per month

$20 per month


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