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David previews NGV’s major event, “Melbourne Winter Masterpieces” which will run from 31 July to 8 November. This year it is Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great. Brendan reviews 3 films: Love is Strange, Mommy and later, Dior and I.

Today’s special guests are:

Jacqui Grantford, artist and illustrator tells us about her background, how she taught herself painting, portrait painting, her use of caustic wax as an art material and an upcoming illustrated book for the Hush Foundation in collaboration with other illustrators. At present she has an exhibition of her works called Eclectic Synergy showing at G3 Shirley Burke Theatre in Parkdale until 25 April.

Dolly Diamond, The Real Queen of Moomba will be doing her first show at the Comedy Festival for 12 nights from 7 to 19 April at the Music Room in Trades Hall. Dolly tells our hosts about her start as an artist 15 years ago, how she’s continuing to evolve, her creative process , her challenges for the Comedy Festival and if she becomes Queen of Moomba next year, how she would be raising money and being much more out there, and involved, than previous kings and queens!


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