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Brendan reviews Jurassic World which he enjoyed overall, despite some sloppy writing and plot holes (B+). He also discusses Sia’s amazing theme song from San Andreas and Blade Runner –which took a long time to get to director Ridley Scott’s original vision for the film via cult audience support and is in re-release at the moment.

Brendan’s Classic for the week is The Celluloid Closet (1995) a wonderful doco, based on Vito Russo’s book showing a history of LGBT representation in film and how far it has come.

David talks about an out Australian Costume designer who’s depicted in a new doco coming out on Jul 17 called Undressing Hollywood from filmmaker Gillian Armstrong. A preview will be shown at the gala opening of the newly restored Astor soon and there will also be an ACMI exhibition.

Special Guests today are:
Michael Dalton (Wednesday Drive) and his mate Gavin talking about a one-person play they are putting on at Chapel on Chapel in October. The play is called A Different Way Home and is the story of two 60ish siblings from Northern England whose mother just died and harbour bitterness towards each other. Michael will play Leslie in Act 1 and Maureen in Act 2 and considers the play a black comedy. He and Gavin are raising part of the money via Crowd Funding as it is very expensive to put on. They only have 19 more days (From Jun14) to get the funding and do have rewards for pledges over $50 or more. For more info and to contribute go to A Different Way Home.


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