Brendan is at Midsumma Carnival and David and Neil are doing a one hour show as there was an Outside Broadcast from Carnival up to 4pm today.  Neil saw a Lloyd Cole concert last night at Hamer Hall. Neil had been a fan of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions in the 1980s and last night Cole did an acoustic retrospective- on his own and later with his son-which came over very well.

Special Guests today are:

3:28 to 17:55 mins–Musician Dan West–is from the 3 person band Cookin’ on Three Burners which is part of Sunset Sounds coming up on 22 January at Malvern Gardens in High St at 6pm. Dan was taken to see live bands when young and loved the feel of  the interaction between the  band and audience. After being in other bands, Dan joined Cookin’ on Three Burners about 4 years ago–a band that has existed for 15 years.  They’re a retro funk /sweet soul sort of band; an instrumental trio which includes Hammond Organ, Drums and guitar(Dan). Last year a French producer (Kungs) remixed one of their old pieces This Girl and it became very successful overseas and then Australia. The amazing vocals on it are by Melbourne singer Kylie Auldist who has her own solo albums. She also features on a couple of songs on a new album the band are due to release around April. Another vocalist on the new album is Stella Angelico who is also performing with the band on 22 January at Sunset Sounds. They also have a support act before them–Vanessa Fernandez. David and Dan talk about the other gigs at Sunset Sounds and other summer concerts.

18:35 to 37:40 mins– Alison Bennett is a Photographer and Michelle James is the acting Visual Arts Coordinator at Kingston Arts. They are here to discuss Alison’s ‘expanded photography’ exhibition called muliebrity & other collaborations on at Kingston Arts Centre in Moorabbin– from 19 January to 25 February.  It is part of the Midsumma Festival. Alison was exposed to art and computer by her grandmother and father respectively. She studied art and photography in the 80s and has just finished a PhD in digital art practice. She has exhibited her work consistently for 10 years and also teaches photography history and digital imaging at Deakin Uni. Michelle studied art at Monash, has a studio practice, and finds working for the community sector a good way to nourishes her social arts practice. The word ‘muliebrity’ means the qualities of a woman.  Alison wanted to look at female/feminine identity expression in queer culture. Thinking of women in her life who you can’t pick are straight or gay but they are expressing who they are, which is a queer woman. In her work– patrons are in a darkened space donning 3D glasses and 6 different women walk out of the dark one by one towards a piece of glass.  Each presses her face against the glass and then steps back and walks away.  This takes about 10 minutes which is long enough to have ‘an encounter with an idea’ and is ‘designed to be contemplated’. It is projected using anaglyph 3D and it feels like the woman is in the space with you. The work is also going to be shown on an outdoor projection space called The Bridge.