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Melbourne Fringe has launched a new round of microgrants and bursaries to support Melbourne’s independent art scene. Melbourne Fringe acknowledges artists need support now more than ever, and is excited to announce these grants earlier than usual in the Festival cycle, assisting artists to turn ideas into reality.

Simon Abrahams, Melbourne Fringe CEO and Creative Director said: “We know Fringe artists are full of creative ideas and energy, so we wanted to get our Fringe grants and opportunities out as soon as possible. Our artistic community is irrepressible, resilient and creative, and now is the time to support them to make and share their art. The first wave in our suite of grants and commissions are all about opportunities for work and money in the pockets of artists. We thank our wonderful donors and partners that help us provide these opportunities.”

The grants vary in size, structure and requirements, offering opportunities of various styles and across multiple genres.



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