Silvo De Baci talks to David about his new on-line solo show.

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Wooing People In Isolation – A tale of love, loss, and
Wooing People in Isolation is an online solo show that
follows Silvio Di Baci, an Italian Stallion from the Northern
Suburbs of Melbourne who is unlucky in love.
The plot follows Silvio’s quest in finding love from the
comfort of his (and your) home. Will he humiliate himself,
finally find his true love or reconcile with his best friend
Matteo? All we know is that the answer will be revealed live!
The show is a true ode to Italian Stallions, Greasers, and
Best Friends.
Silvio Di Baci has been a crowd favourite at Club Voltaire, Pride of Our Footscray and
Kong’s Kings.
Inspired by his background and the theatrical style of Commedia Dell’Arte Silvio started
performing in 2017. His first show ‘Silvio & Matteo’ premiered at MUST’s Cabaret Festival
and led to Silvio joining the cabaret circuit around Melbourne.
During COVID19 Silvio has produced his own radio show Wooing People in Isolation and
gained international attention performing virtually in Orlando, Seattle and Toronto.
The show Wooing People In Isolation incorporates dancing, comedy, melodramatic soapy
plots and positive vibes!