Ben Opie from Inventi Ensemble talks to David.

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Inventi Ensemble release two new albums recorded 

over three days between Melbourne lockdowns 

Inventi Ensemble II – Women of the Earth

Australian composers Dr Melody Eötvös and Caerwen Martin

Inventi Ensemble III – Peer Gynt

With narration from Ed Ayres

Release date 20 November 2020

“Inventi Ensemble are masters of classical repertoire, re-inventors of past works,
and performers of the new.”

On 20 November 2020, Inventi Ensemble simultaneously release their second and third albums, which feature premiere works from acclaimed Australian composers Dr Melody Eötvös and Caerwen Martin as well an ambitious re-telling of Grieg’s famous Peer Gynt, narrated by Ed Ayres.

“In an unprecedented task, we aimed to record two albums in three days, during a period between lockdowns, where we responsibly gathered Melbourne’s finest musicians to bring music to life. It was joyful, it was challenging and it was inspiring. We hope you hear all of these things in these albums. It is filled with our passion for music and creativity.

Working with the team at Monash University, we were able to record in their beautiful Alexander Theatre. This gave us room to socially distance ourselves while recording, as well as enjoy the experience of recording in a performance space rather than a studio”, said Melissa Doecke, who coordinated the ambitious undertaking with fellow Artistic Director Ben Opie.

The achievement allowed Inventi Ensemble to continue to create music and offer employment to their colleagues during a very challenging time for the industry.

Commissioning new Australian works is at the core of the Inventi Ensemble ethos. Inventi II: Women of the Earth features four commissions from 2017-2019, with two works each from extraordinary Australian female composers, Dr Melody Eötvös and Caerwen Martin.

Each commission has a specific story, from the inspiration of stunning stained glass windows in the St John’s Anglican Church in Flinders, Victoria (Women of the Earth) to creating works specifically for touring aged care facilities (Street of the Four Winds). The works showcase the virtuosity of both composer and ensemble.

Renowned for their impressive arrangements of large-scale orchestral works for chamber ensemble, Inventi III: Peer Gynt breathes new life into the fascinating adventure of Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt.

The rich and expansive score for quintet was arranged by Inventi’s Glynn Davies, offering an innovative twist to classic tunes including Morning Mood and In the Hall of the Mountain King.  The inimitable Ed Ayres narrates the epic and absurd tale of adventure with humour, tenderness and tragedy.