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SITE & SOUND: Sonic art as ecological practice, 2 December 2020 – 11 April
2021* is an exhibition that invites audiences to consider the importance of
listening as a means towards a better understanding of the urgent and
complex environmental issues facing our planet.
Whether it be the roar of bushfires; the creak of fragmenting glaciers; silence where there used to
be bird song; or the hum of cicadas, our comprehension of sounds can lead to an intuitive
understanding of the ecological issues confronting us.
Curated by Jon Buckingham, Lawrence Harvey, and Simon Lawrie, SITE & SOUND surveys diverse
practices to reveal the connections between deep listening, field recording, acoustic ecology, natural
science, and spatialised sound in contemporary art.
SITE & SOUND will draw from RMIT’s Sonic Arts Collection, Australia’s first dedicated collection in
this field, augmented by four significant new commissions. It will feature an evolving program of
presentations, both within and beyond the gallery, across the internal spaces and outdoor
environment of McClelland—these include immersive sound environments, a rich array of
performances and listening events, and explorations of the history, theory and significance of field
recording and sonic art which will evolve over time and provide new experiences for each repeat visit


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