After an award-winning season at Edinburgh Fringe Casting Off is coming to the Melbourne
International Comedy Festival at the Famous Spiegeltent, Arts Centre Forecourt, Thursday 28 March
until Sunday 11 April 2021.
An all women, cross-generational show that challenges the conventions of circus and subverts expectations.
The three extraordinary women at the heart of Casting Off are – Debra Batton (61), Sharon Gruenert (42) and
Spenser Inwood (30).

Intergenerational circus with lots to say: the personal is political, fury is fun and the acrobatics downright
dangerous – especially when life gets in the way. Casting off stereotypes, these dynamic Australian women
tumble, talk, fly, and balance precariously.

A disarming, hilarious show about living on the edge and talking about it; and how it’s easier done than said.
Circus that makes you laugh and cry simultaneously. Relaxed, personal and fantastically inappropriate.
Self-directed, hand-knitted, and honouring the life events that get in the way of work, Casting Off is a theatrical
circus experience that celebrates thoughtful, strong, and resilient individuals. A joyous accumulation of
moments that shine a light on women relating to each other in playful, fruitful relationships. Flipping, climbing
and flying to a soundscape of the many disparate texts (lists, poems, conversations, melodies, arguments and
biographies) that embody each day.
Casting Off is non-narrative circus with words that’s easier done than said.