Yes Yes Yes…… Dolly Diamond talks about her special Midsumma show – “Star for a Night”

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This Midsumma Festival, Dolly Diamond
will be rescuing contestants from their mundane lives, transforming them into their idols and
making them stars for a night! Which stars will be unveiled? And who will win? Music icons
and idols will be brought to life in DOLLY DIAMOND’S STAR FOR A NIGHT, Midsumma’s
newest spectacular at Chapel Off Chapel from 21 – 24 April.
“I am so excited to be back on stage live this Midsumma and can’t wait to find out who your
favourite stars are,” says megastar Dolly Diamond. “Making dreams come true is all in a
day’s work for me and now people are paying to watch!” she added.
Fresh from your lockdown livestream, Dolly Diamond has converted Chapel Off Chapel into
a television studio where, each night she will put celebrity contestants through their paces.
They will perform the songs and take on the look of their favourite entertainment idols – and
this can be any music superstar, alive or dead.
Dolly’s special guests for these performances include Bob Downe, Silvie Paladino, Rhonda
Burchmore, Lucy Holmes, Tash York and Matthew Hadgraft.
DOLLY DIAMOND’S STAR FOR A NIGHT will run for five shows only at the City of
Stonnington’s premier entertainment venue, Chapel Off Chapel as part of this year’s
Midsumma Festival in April. Once Dolly hears the magic words, “Well Dolly, I would love to
be…”, the wheels spin into motion on Dolly’s very own star factory and the results at each
show will amaze.

Dolly Diamond, Melbourne’s queen of cabaret, has proven herself to be one of the country’s
finest talents. She is right at home at Midsumma, having performed in, produced and hosted
events at seventeen Midsumma Festivals.