Live! On MxRS is a story, a series, a performance, a literary painting
and live art.
During the experience of 2020 we embraced digital storytelling and now
have expanded to smaller, intimate group participatory performances
that include music, magic.

● Who: Alex Read Theatre Performances with support of the City of
Port Phillip “Love My Place 2021”
● What: Live performance art & music
● When: Fortnightly starting 9 May 5:30-7:30pm
● Where: Various parks, reserves & laneways in Port Phillip
● Why: Bring life back through community engaged performances
● How: Book tickets here.

Guests are invited to participate in the performance or be a
spectator. Each event will reveal more clues and recipes for success.
The more you partake, the more information you will gain. Dive deeper
or remain at surface level.
It is highly recommended to listen to the previous parts of the story
to gain a better understanding – or show up and ask questions to the
characters themselves!