Running for THREE SHOWS ONLY at the Meat Market Stables this June, The Regina Monologues is an engaging
new interactive theatrescape from 24 Carrot Production’s Director/Writer, Sharmini Kumar. A celebration of
some of our strongest and most powerful women across history, this premiere event features an intriguing array
of stories from the past that illuminate how we live today.
Performed by a 13 strong cast of fresh and diverse actors from the local arts community, The Regina Monologues
offers Melbourne’s art and history lovers the chance to immerse themselves in an evening where everyone has
the potential to experience a different show. From Persephone and Queen Njinga to Princess Sophia Duleep
Singh and Eleanor of Aquitaine; who will you choose to meet?
Holding court across three rooms at the same time, The Regina Monologues is a series of solo performances

based on royal women from varying times and places. These are not your Disney Princesses – they’re more com-
plicated and less virtuous, they don’t all learn lessons, and they don’t all get happy endings.

“A friend of mine suggested I write a piece about some of England’s early Queens, so started researching them
and realised how fascinating they were.” explains Sharmini Kumar. “Then I began looking at other royal female
figures throughout history, and this event is the result of that. I think I’ve had the most fun with the characters

that aren’t well known; learning about them and discovering things about these women that are incredibly relata-
ble. Also, as the pieces are running concurrently across three different rooms, the audience will have some control

over which monologues they see but it’s not possible to see everything, so they’ll need to choose carefully. I really
like the idea of challenging an audience to make decisions so each person has a unique experience.”
Formed by theatre and filmmaker Sharmini Kumar with a view to re-imagine and re-invigorate our most loved

classics for contemporary audiences, 24 Carrot Productions has been creating new works since 2011. Past pro-
ductions include 2 Gentlemen, The Complete Works of Shakespeare, The Importance of Being Ernest, Shakespeare

in Therapy, The Margins of Persuasion and the ever-popular annual Austen Con.
Their latest offering, The Regina Monologues sees thirteen Queens delve into conversations about gender and

power, with humour and heart.