Brigitte Bardini – Heartbreaker


Even though Brigitte Bardini’s debut album ‘Stellar Lights’ has been two years in the making, the record evokes a sound and aesthetic that has taken a lifetime to craft.

Emerging into the world with singles ‘Aphrodite’, ‘Wild Ride’, and ‘Heartbreaker’ – and now a 14-track album – the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter has carved a niche for herself in the realm of dream pop with ethereal electronica beats and pulsing piano rhythms.

While reminiscent of ’90s legends Mazzy Star and The Cure, Bardini’s cultivation of art keeps her firmly planted in the garden of the present.

The album was conceived from a dream the 21-year-old artist had featuring meteor showers that doused her in heat and caused her ears to ring.

The vivid, apocalyptic experience awakened her to the existential ideas that influences her songs.