Angela Buckingham – Courageous Queens and Powerful Princesses.

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These queen stories are not fairy tales for small children. They are true tales of real women that every young person should know. The clever and brave women in this collection had power and used it to achieve their goals. They would prove themselves pioneers, problem solvers, inventors and, often, incredible leaders. These fast-paced, action-packed tales are stories that have been lost; stories that have remained untold.

The follow-up title to Powerful Princesses, Courageous Queens contains 10 stories of female leaders throughout history. These are adventure stories, not encyclopaedia entries. This is more than an encyclopaedia of great women – these are adventure stories that take readers to the moment of crisis, of triumph, of revelation.

This is a collection of tales that allows for emotional exploration, character identification and stimulation of the imagination – from exploring what it was like for Queen Nzinga, who fought in a grueling war with the Portuguese, to contemplating Queen Elizabeth’s decision to never marry, and how Empress Leizu made an extraordinary discovery that shaped fashion today.