Victorian Pride Centre Gallery Exhibition Expression of Interest


The Victorian Pride Centre is a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful space for all LGBTIQ+ communities and their allies.
Our vision is a world where every LGBTIQ+ person has a place where they are welcomed, valued, respected and celebrated.
Our purpose is to connect, support and amplify LGBTIQ+ voices, resources, services and groups so that our communities are cohesive, resilient and thrive.
The Pride Centre’s visual arts programming has a focus on art by LGBTIQ+ artists and/or art that focuses on LGBTIQ+ issues. Visual arts at the Pride Centre should reflect the diversity of LGBTIQA+ communities and be a catalyst for dialogue both within the LGBTIQA+ community and with the wider community.
The Pride Centre provides opportunities for visual arts and archival display through programming, gallery exhibitions and display of art in other suitable spaces in the Pride Centre, including the Pride Gallery. The Pride Gallery is programmed by the Visual Arts Working Group, a voluntary group of LGBTQIA+ artists and art workers.