A call to action on climate change – Naarm band Public Holiday release debut single ‘The Bush’
The Bush is the first single from Public Holiday’s debut self-titled EP. Written in the wake of the
devastating 2019-2020 Australian bushfires, The Bush reflects lead singer Tasha Lloyd’s first-hand
experience of evacuating East-Gippsland during that summer.
Opening with the wail of harmonica and jangly guitars, The Bush starts with a slow simmering riff
that evokes visions of dry Australian summers. As soon as this riff begins, it gives way to a bass break
that builds into a wall of percussion, keys and driving twelve-string guitar.
This instrumentation creates a base for the narrative of the song as told through Tasha Lloyd’s lyrics.
Touching on Australian politics and issues as far reaching as First Nations agency, and Scott
Morrison’s incompetence, Tasha’s story telling is reminiscent of past artists like Joni Mitchell, Nick
Drake and Grace Slick. Personal, political and deeply complex, Tasha creates lyrics that reflect
Australian society – creating a story that feels both universal and intimate.
Above all, The Bush offers a critique of the Morrison government and political leaders during these
devastating environmental events. Utilising the emergency broadcasts and interviews with locals
during the bushfires, the song’s message is inspired by Australian bands like Midnight Oil and
Goanna. This song stands as a reminder of the devastation that inaction on climate change will cause
– ‘this is the biggest fight we’ve ever had for our babies, our animals, our land’.

Public Holiday Bio
Public Holiday formed in 2020 between Melbourne lockdowns. The six piece consists of
vocalist/guitarist Tasha Lloyd, guitarists Simon Wood and Harry Boyd-Gerny, bassist Alice Duncan,
keyboardist Colin Andrews and Drummer Jonathan Munro.
Public Holiday will release their debut EP in July this year. The four track EP explores themes of
climate change, Australian politics, queerness and identity.