Here We Are Amongst You is the newest spellbinding work created by Rawcus.
Embracing connection, belonging and being together, Here We Are Amongst You is choreographed by the 14 people with diverse bodies, minds and imaginations who make up the acclaimed Rawcus ensemble.
As the ensemble created this work over three years, they constantly questioned: what does the world need right now?
Here We Are Amongst You is a raw and exuberant gathering performed in the round.
Rawcus Artistic Director, Kate Sulan says the ensemble have devised a work of generosity and care, “No two people will share the same experience, but everyone will be part of the warmth and connection that underscores this work.”
Here We Are Amongst You will be Sulan’s swansong with Rawcus after founding the company 22 years ago.
“It’s been a privilege and joy to collaborate with the Rawcus ensemble over so many years. This work really captures the delight we find in creating work together.
“This is a warm, joyous and intoxicating new work that speaks about significant encounters. It’s like a meditation on intimacy and togetherness after the untethering and isolating experiences throughout the pandemic,” said Sulan.
Here We Are Amongst You will illuminate aspects that surround reverence, kindness, generosity, grace and care. It is about connection, acceptance and welcoming all our differences with grace.