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Today Raena, Mark, and Michael discussed the latest in tech news, including the AFP collaborating with overseas agencies in breaking botnet rings, the Tasmanian Police are moving to mobile devices to enable paperless police cars, and Google has commenced fulfilling their obligations under EU law to enable citizens the “right to be forgotten”.

Apple’s WWDC kicked off last week, and the seasonal fruit picking commenced with all the new goodies announced for the keynote.  Not least of which: tools for Apple developers to do home automation, enabling health information to be aggregated together on Apple devices, a new programming language called Swift, and a cool new feature called “Handoff” – to allow you to seamlessly swap from one form factor device to another.

China popped their head into the IT news this week with their continued suppression of information about Tiananmen Square, with no let-up for the 25th anniversary of the massacre. China will also embark on their own OS, declaring that Windows 8 is insecure, and raising concerns that they do not have access to the source code; and the new OS will be Ubuntu Linux.

And finally what may or may not be: the CIA’s first tweet.


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