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This week, Raena, Josh and Mark looked at an invisibility lens that hides objects in its view.  It must also twist reality, as this is the only explanation as to why Mark was sporting a Windows laptop, Raena an Android phone and Josh an iPhone.  This altered reality did not stop them from getting super excited about a recent Kickstarter project – A Hoverboard.  Yes, they went back to their childhood.

iiNet is heading to court to protect the privacy of its customers by refusing to give up customer details to a complaining copyright holder.  Facebook has gone down the pseudonym path in its implementation of Rooms, their latest chat app where you can gather and chat in specific topic rooms.  Rooms are accessible by invite only.

UTS’ Magic lab has recruited Steve Wozniak as its newest teaching staff to work in the innovation space, whilst Apple’s first computer the Apple I recently sold at auction for more than $900,000.  iOS8.1 has just been released supporting Yosemite’s handover feature – so when some one calls your phone, your iPad and Macbook ring as well.

Samsang’s Knox sandboxing security software, that protects data, isn’t quite as secure as Fort Knox. It has an unprotected file aptly named, pin.xml, that holds enough information to break into the sandbox.  A fix is on the way.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II has just sent her first tweet.  Although it’s taken her a while to tweet, she was one of the first British civilians to send an email.


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