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This special JOY 21st Birthday episode reunited Mark & Michael with Raena as she joined Bek, from Bekfast, and Jayson Williams from GLOBE as special guests during the show.

Apple became the first business in the world to reach a market capitalisation of $US700bn with 3 of the largest 4 companies being in the IT sector. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web has called on politicians to learn how to code. This he says, will aid them in their policy decisions once they have a better understanding of how technology works.

The EU restates its position against monopolies by calling on Google to be broken up – separating its Search Engine business from the rest of the organisation. Although voted on by the EU Parliament, the group has no power to enforce their decision. In what appears to be state sponsored spying software, in a similar vain to Stuxnet, security researchers have discovered new malware that has been hidden since 2008. Infecting primarily computers in Russia and Saudi Arabia, it has been found mainly at ISPs and Telcos.

In what is a worrying finding, the report into the murder of British Fusilier Lee Rigby accused Facebook of “providing a safe haven for terrorists” because they did not alert the security services to a threat by one of his murderers. By contrast, a former director of MI6 has said Facebook would not have the resource to monitor all posts, nor would the security services be able to respond to the avalanche of data that this would result in.

A more efficient polarising filter is set to extend the battery life of smartphones as it allows more light through – compared to filters in use today. The subsequent reduction in brightness needed to illuminate the display will offer significant battery savings as well as improve low light performance of the camera.



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