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Why did Tim Lenox call the Technogaze team Chaos Personified?   Was it because Mark, Raena, Jason and Michael squeezed into the studio for this weeks show?

The G20 was on everyone’s lips this weekend, with potential threats of hacking manifesting itself with Australian media organisations being targeted supposedly by Chinese interests.  It appears that the Chinese President wants to know what questions will be asked of him. Meanwhile, Queensland University researchers are geoparsing tweets to determine how disruptive the G20 is to residents and participants.

A recent study by a peak Telecommunications lobby group has found that Australians will pirate less content if it was more readily available and cheaper.  Coincidentally, Foxtel has recently cut its pricing, so it will be interesting to see the impact on subscriptions and illegal downloading.

Lissa joined the group to talk about her recent woes in upgrading from Windows 7 to 8.1 which was in stark contrast to her experience in upgrading OS X.  In further Apple news, they finally have provided a solution to SMS’ not being delivered when people move away from iPhones to another platform.  This coincides with a class action being launched against Apple on this issue – 3 years after it first came about.

In news that has excited the Microsoft development community, Microsoft have announced the open sourcing of its .NET platform, which will also mean that it will run on other operating systems – not just on Windows.

What is JOY’s loss is NZ’s gain, as we farewelled Technogaze regular Raena as she embarks on her next adventure.


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