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It was a jam packed show this week with Michael, Nicole & Donna looking at the fallout from Google changing the behaviour of their search engine to promote mobile friendly websites. This only applies if you are searching from your mobile device and rankings remain unchanged from desktops and tablets. Meanwhile a zero day vulnerability in iOS can crash any device that is within radio range of a malicious WiFi Access Point.

We had Rune in the studio to find out more about National Youth Week. We asked her how young people are using technology and we got some insights in how the next generation are likely to relate to and use Technology.

Marvel Comics have revealed that X-Men character IceMan is gay in their latest edition with a story line that brings a young Bobby Drake into the future to reveal his story.

Meanwhile Twitter, who has admitted at being slow to combat harassment, has introduced new rules and tools to combat online bullying. Unfortunately this came too late for Jack Monroe, who as a prominent foodie and LGBTIQ identity was harassed after her support of the Greens and has abandoned the platform.

Our Ausdroidist, Jason Murray, joined us on the phone to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Changes to Android Wear were made this last week and we looked at some it’s new features.


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