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Michael, Nicole & Josh were in the studio this week looking at the Apple watch, as it just went on pre-order. App makers for the watch were releasing new software with a number focused on health.

Robotics is an emerging technology, with drones being a very visible part of it. A new drone from Canada has some interesting features including the ability to fly a route under control and then let the operator ttweak its path, so that if you are shooting video or stills you end up with the perfect result.

Apple and Microsoft have just released new iterations of their portable devices with the lightweight

MacbokPro being criticised for it’s lack of ports – with its headphone jack and a single USB-C port for power and anything else you wish to use it with. The Surface 3 drops the need to run Windows RT  with its Intel processor running proper Windows and has generally be well received.

Jawbone have released an NFC equipped fitness tracker that you can use instead on your credit card and Ikea is rolling out smart furniture that will wirelessly recharge your phone.

However, nothing prepared us for the soft 3D printed bunny.



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