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The resume button was pressed and Technogaze booted back On Air at it’s new time of 5pm on Saturdays. Michael, Nicole and Donna were eager to launch into Techdrive – with this year’s goal to buy a new Transmitter.

As usual there was a lot to talk about. With .com power being applied in Indiana to force changes to a new law that allowed discrimination against members of the LGBTIQ community. Specifically the changes remove the right to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation/and or gender identity – regardless of your religious beliefs. A similar law in Arkansas has been held up, when its Governor refused to proclaim it.

In Australia the Senate passed the Mandatory Data Retention Legislation with dissent coming from Independents and the Greens. Protection of Journalistic metadata exists in name only, despite assurances from senior politicians and Malcolm Turnbull kindly offered advice on how to avoid having your metadata captured by the new laws.

Netflix launched in Australia and New Zealand, prompting its competitors to launch or relaunch similar offerings. Netflix customers on iiNET and Optus will be happy with the un-metering of the traffic. The same cannot be said of all the other non-Netflix customers on those ISPs who saw the performance of the network overall drop as thousands flocked to the new streaming service.


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