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Mark, Michael and Craig were lured into the studio this week on the promise of Raspberry Pie – Ice Cream optional. Their hips, however, were thankful when they found out it was the sub-$50 Raspberry Pi computer and not the dessert. Moving into the business world, the board on a computer can now be used as a thin client. Extending the concept of small, Microsoft spoke about the Nano Server at its annual Build developer conference. A variant of the next iteration of Windows Server, it will feature a small footprint, making it suitable for cloud deployment.

Tesla are leveraging their knowledge in batteries by releasing a line of batteries intended for home and business use to augment power from renewable energy sources. Advances in battery technology using aluminium will decrease charging time and extend the life of batteries. Don’t hop in the car just yet to go buy one as it’s likely to be a decade before these batteries are commercially available.

Journalist Ben Grubb has been victorious in getting access to his mobile data metadata from Telstra, after the Privacy Commissioner ruled in his favour – 688 days after he made his request. Telstra are likely to appeal this ruling.

Some people might not like the new Apple Watch, but one user who is blind and deaf thinks that it’s haptic feedback is a boon as she is able to navigate by the taps that she feels on her wrist.



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