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We look at what the recommendations of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence might mean for LGBTIQ communities.

Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

Family violence is at least as prevalent among same-sex couples as in the wider population. People in same-sex relationships, and transgender and intersex people, face unique challenges in reporting family violence and in getting assistance – trans women in particular are often denied access to emergency accommodation.

The Royal Commission goes some way to recognising these challenges and offering solutions. Among these are removing the exemptions that allow faith-based providers to discriminate against LGBTIQ people, and requiring that all service providers achieve Rainbow Tick accreditation to demonstrate their inclusiveness.

Bianca Fileborn is a research officer at the Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society. She was interviewed on Is Nothing Sacred? earlier this year. A recent article is “Beyond gender: LGBTIQ abuse shows it’s time to shift the debate on partner violence” (The Conversation).

Sean Mulcahy is co-convenor of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. The VGLRL’s comments on the Royal Commission’s recommendations were reported on the Gay News Network.

The full report of the Royal Commission is available online.

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