Safe Schools named as threat to Chinese Culture



A war is being waged against Safe Schools in Victoria.

On Thursday last week, members of the Victorian Chinese community submitted a petition calling for the removal of the Safe Schools LGBTIA Anti-bullying program to State Parliament.

Graham Watt, the Liberal member for Burwood was there, alongside members of far right fringe group Rise Up Australia.

On top of this, Chinese Liberal Party member Dan Xie has claimed responsibility for the distribution of thousands of flyers accusing the Safe Schools program of promoting “homosexual ideas and practice” and stealing Chinese Australian children from their own culture.

But is Safe Schools and LGBTIA acceptance really incompatible with Chinese culture?

We speak with Fran Martin, Associate Professor of Cultural Studies from Melbourne University and Peter Chuang, the Victoria Convener from the Asia Australia Rainbow Alliance.

Graham Watt, Nick Wakeling, Tim Smith, Neil Angus, Michael Gidley, Robert Clark and Dee Ryall from the Victorian Liberal Party were all contacted for comment.