Queer Expo barred from advertising on Metro Trains and how to get religious leaders on board with marriage equality

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Australia’s first LGBTI pop culture expo, Queer Expo, was told its advertising would be given the green light to be shown on the inside of trains on Melbourne’s network.

Metro Trains says it supports the expo and that its artwork did not go against its policies for advertising. But organiser Pete Smith said the problem lies with the one of the third-party agencies, S&J Media, who coordinates advertising on Metro Trains. He said the company refused to go ahead with his advertising campaign because it does not allow campaigns on ‘sexuality or religion’. S&J Media did not respond to multiple media requests for comment.

Then Francis Voon, the Equality Campaign’s Faith Outreach coordinator talked about the strategy to win the hearts and minds of religious leaders and people from diverse cultural backgrounds who might not be so supportive of marriage equality.

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