Journo’s Corner – privilege and respect plus responsibility and repercussions

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It’s The Informer’s Journo Corner where journalists dissect issues and topics of the week. On this show we are joined by Dean Arcuri, former Victorian editor of SameSame.com.au and journalist for The Informer on JOY, Matthew Wade – Editor of Star Observer – setting Australia’s LGBTI agenda since 1979 and Mark Kearney,  LGBTI Journalist for the Bendigo Advertiser, central Victoria’s number one source of news, sport and weather. It’s a bit of a boys night this week so we use that opportunity to look at what challenges us in this arena.

The topics up for discussion are:

  • What it is like being men and reporting about women’s issues and spaces in our community?
  •  Freedom of speech – As journalists, we present both sides of an issue, which sometimes means reporting views and agendas that do not align with our communities, where do you draw the line between responsibility and repercussion?
  • Living in Australia, does seeing World Pride promoted and in our news and social media feeds make us feel more disconnected or more engaged? (Mark this would be good even looking locally with you focussing on regional)


Followed by the ladies from Chicks Talking Footy giving us the round up of whats to come this weekend in AFL.