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On tonight’s INFORMER, Lara, Dean & Jess chat to the David Canizzo, the CEO of the Southern Football Netball League about the upcoming league wide pride round to support and celebrate the LGBTI+ community in sports in Victoria this weekend, but first the topic that’s been on the tip of so many tongues here in Australia for the past week… will we get Marriage Equality.

We must nite, that while this episode of The Informer was going to air, Minister Corman has announced that the Liberal Party room maintains  “a commitment to give all Australians a say on whether the definition of marriage should be changed”. So the plebiscite legislation will go back to the Senate.

We look at what has happened in the past four days since we last talked about Marriage Equality on The Informer, and a lot has happened, but will it help.

We head to a snap Marriage Equality Rally in Melbourne and hear Senator Janet Rice speak, but will parliament here the voice of the people?

And we look at the amendment bill that has put this debate back on the table and ask the question, exactly what is a Religious Celebrant, and why do they need protection from our community when the market place already does that? Thanks to Jason Tuazon McCheyne for his input.

And Finally we focus on some real equality that is happening in this country, on the sports field, as we speak to Southern Football Netball League CEO David Canizzo about Victoria’s Southern Football Netball League league wide pride round this weekend to celebrate diversity and inclusion in sport.

Over 3 days football and netball Pride games will be held across Victoria’s south to not only help raise awareness about the discrimination young LGBTI people face, but to also make them feel welcome in the knowledge that they have an opportunity to play key roles both on and off the field.


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