August 9, 2017: Fighting the postal plebiscite, decriminalising homosexuality in Cook Islands & queer Australian film


Daniel Roberts and Lara Dickinson are your hosts tonight for a jam packed show about, politics, law and Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

  1. Felicity Marlowe went to Canberra to convince the Liberal Party to allow a free vote on marriage equality. But when they stuck to their guns on the plebiscite, she was fed up. She’s now decided to challenge the postal vote in the High Court along with Shelley Argent and Andrew Wilkie.
    She spoke to Shannon Power about her decision.
  2. The Cook Islands are on the verge of decriminalising homosexuality. We speak to one of the LGBTI advocates, Valerie Wicham of the Te Tiare Association who spearheaded the massive change coming in parliament.
  3. Finally, Dan takes a look at the state of queer film in Australian cinema. How’s it going? Can it be better?