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The High Court Verdict came in today and the postal vote into same sex marriage will continue to go ahead. In this episode we  will be looking at today’s verdict, as well as looking at the YES Campaign, and how you can do your bit.

Joining us to discuss the verdict and how this has happened is Bill Swane from the Human Rights Committee from the Law Institute of Victoria.

Just because the High Court has shut down the challenge against the postal plebiscite doesn’t mean we haven’t stopped fighting, especially in regional areas, Nathan from the Bendigo says YES campaign, who have been spearheading a huge campaign in the area speaks to us.

Finally we hear from Felicity Marlow, Andrew Wilkie and Alex Greenwich outside the High Court.

Lets make this a unifying moment for the nation as we include all Australians in our marriage laws, lest get this done, vote yes

Don’t wait:

Open your survey when it arrives

Vote Yes by ticking the YES box

Put it in the envelope provided

And mail it straight away.

And spread the word.

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