Stop Hate Speech in QLD, Don’t make your vote invalid, Asian Australian Alliance says YES and how do you ask R U OK? : 14th September 2017

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Tonight on the show, we will look at what quantifies as vilification? As we speak to Queenslands LGBTI Legal Centre, who have received funding from the Government to run a Campaign against homophobic hate speech during the postal vote, as well as speak to the Asian Australian Alliance who have declared public support today for the YES EQUALITY CAMPAIGN, intending to campaign with determination on this issue within the Asian Australian community.

Make sure your say counts, Dean takes you through the do’s and don’ts of the postal survey now that they have started arriving in peoples letter boxes and with it being R U OK Day, he asks a not so simple question…. how do you ask if you are okay?


The LGBTI Legal Service is currently running a project to address hate speech called “LIKE LOVE”. Comments saying that gay people are more likely to be rapists or pedophiles have been found to be unlawful vilification in other legal cases. These kind of comments are not excused by the right to free speech. Contact then for free legal advice if you have concerns.

Here is the ABS website with details on how to complete your postal survey.

Have you got what it takes to ask R U OK? Here is a link to the RUOK website with some handy tips.

Dean Arcuri is your host for tonights Informer.