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The Informers producer Dean Arcuri and Star Observer’s editor Matthew Wade go head to head in this Journo’s Corner

They look at the AFLs decision to ban Hannah Mouncey from playing the game next season. They made some clear progress in the past 2 years inregards to equality, if you look at the Pride matches and the AWFL and standing up for marriage equality, where they just unprepaird? Is not knowing how to react and handle something the best approach on this kind of a level of national exposure for what they are doing?


#MeToo – Gay men weighing in on the topic.

No one wants to take away from anyone’s experience of assault or abuse, all of them are valid, but are we missing the point as men entering the hash tag or even the debate? The reality is it’s not a women’s world, so should we be taking this away from them at this time (or ever)?


The TV series Will and Grace were attacked online for not mentioning HIV more than once in the 8 years it was first on air. Do we think HIV is still very taboo in the space of mainstream television? What is the obligation of queer content in television? Should it hit every beat it can or is that hitting too much tokenism?


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