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On this episode of The Informer we look at the new global standards for business aimed at tackling LGBTIA rights and discrimination were launched in Melbourne today any the United Nations.

At the launch Ian speaks with prominent UN Human rights advocates

Kate Gilmore and Frabice Houdart, former High Court Judge Michael Kirby and President of ACON Dr Justin Koonin to find out what role global businesses have to support their LGTBI employees and speak out and act in the countries in which they operate.

Between the 16 October to 14 November, independent think-tank The Australia Institute and the LGBTI National Health Alliance ran a questionnaire as part of a study to assess the effect of the Postal Survey on the LGBTIA community and its allies.

The study examines associations between exposure to negative messages, stress, coping and psychological distress.  Over nine and a half thousand people responded, with 75% of them identifying as LGBTIAQ+ and 25% identifying as friends, family and other supporters.

The primary results from the survey were released today and Ebony Bennett, the deputy Director of the Australia Institute comes on The Informer to discuss the results.

This episode of The Informer on JOY 94.9 was hosted by Ian & Ruby.


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