/ The Informer / Health / Free vaccinations for Hep A, why are we not understanding U = U & building pathways to queer culture : 22nd January 2017


On this episode of The Informer we head to Victoria as free Hepatitis A Vaccinations are being offered to men who has sex with men from today after a number of outbreaks of the viral liver disease.

We touch base with the chair and co-chair of the Midsumma and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festivals who are starting to work together to build greater pathways for our communities, and we see if this is something that can travel passed the big two festivals to help support the smaller LGBTIQ festivals around the nation.

And in the wake of Perth trans sex worker CJ Palmer being found guilty over allegedly infecting a client with HIV, we ask the question, if U = U, Undetectable = Untransmiittable, why is this a message that the greater community are not aware of?

This episode of The Informer on JOY 94.9 was hosted by Lara Dickinson.


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