U=U, why are people not getting the message?

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For the last 35 years, men have been told one thing, to wear a condom, but there are now other forms of protection that do not involve latex barriers, and they are healing a community divided by decades of destruction.

In 2018, HIV- people are confidently having sex with HIV+ people without condoms and without fear of contracting HIV, these days, having sex with someone who is HIV positive, on daily treatment and undetectable, is some of the safest sex you can have.

Dean Arcuri speaks to Craig Burnett, who is living with HIV and David Kernahan, the CEO of the WA Aids Council asking, if the scientific evidence is clear, that someone living with HIV who is undetectable does not pose an infection risk to their sexual partners, why are we not getting the message?

This segment of The Informer aired on JOY 94.9 on the 22nd January 2018.