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On tonight’s show, we head to Geelong’s first pride march, that saw religious protesters drowned out by LGBTIQ celebration, proving that if you stand tall with pride, nothing can stop you.

We speak to equality advocate Riley Briese who Premier Daniel Andrews named Volunteer of the year for his work supporting young transgender people in regional Victoria.

And we look at a recent survey that looked at how we treat transgender people globally, and find out where Australia ranks, and where we can improve in creating a more supportive environment for our gender diverse and trans communities.

Also, a reminder that Wednesday the 14th of February is the final day for online submissions for Phillip Ruddocks Religious Freedom Review.

With evidence taken in private sessions, it is more important than ever that we make sure our voices are heard. Religious organizations do not need protection from our community, and preventive laws are not the way forward.

It is in our hands how this will play out, you can send a submission to religiousfreedom@pmc.gov.au

This episode of The Informer was hosted by Ruby Susan  aired on 13th February 2018 on JOY 94.9.


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