How can we help create a more visible space for the B in LGBTIQ with Misty Farquhar

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Bisexual Health Awareness Month was launched on social media 5 years ago in March, and is happening right now, providing a space for greater conversation, understanding and for raising greater awareness about the Bisexual Community.

People in the Bisexual community face all the same challenges as lesbians and gay people, but are also subject to erasure and invalidation, and suffer poorer physical and mental health.

So how can we change that?Bisexual+ Community Perth

Dean Arcuri speaks to Misty Farquhar about coming out as bisexual and what it means to help elevate the visibility of the bi community, who are often left behind.

If you would like to reach out or find out more about the Bisexual + Community in Perth, you can find their closed group by searching via Facebook.

And we will have more stories and perspectives from members of the Bi community throughout the week for Bisexual Health Awareness Month.

This segment aired on The Informer on JOY 94.9 on 26th March 2018.