IDAHOBIT – What’s it all ACTUALLY mean?, We need to be better allies to one another with Mamma Mich & What not to ask us! : 17th May 2018

Multicultural Health

May 17th  is IDAHOBIT Day around the world. IDAHOBIT is the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism & Transphobia.

We can sometimes live in a bubble within our own communities, which can mean a day like today can seem fun or a great celebration for some, while for others it can mean something completely different, and on this episode of The Informer we are looking at what this kind of visibility means for our communities, and our allies.

As we explore what IDAHOBIT actually means to members of our LGBTIQA+ families.

We also hear from Michelle Shephard from JOYs Trans POV when she spoke earlier today at a Victorian Police event about being better allies to one another.

And we look past our own backyard and look at how we can respect each other past the acronyms.

This episode of The Informer aired on JOY 94.9 and was hosted by Dean Arcuri & Tom Morgan.