Liberals say ‘No More Nordic Model’, but Victorian Sex Workers still need stronger support & legislation with the Vixen Collective


When the Victorian Liberal Party passed a motion to support the ‘Nordic Model’ of sex work regulation in Victoria, many sex workers and advocates spoke out saying that employing the Nordic model is be a step in the wrong direction.

The ‘Nordic Model’ criminalises paying for sex but doesn’t criminalise the sex worker. Which would mean that in Victoria, buying sex, pimping and keeping a brothel would all be against the law, should a law based of the ‘Nordic Model’ came into place.

Currently in Victoria, it is only illegal for clients to solicit sex in a public place. The act itself is not illegal.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Mathew Guy stated in Victorian Parliament, that the ‘Liberal Nationals have no plan to adopt the ‘Nordic Model’ for policing of sex work in Victoria’.


Dean Arcuri & Tom Morgan sat down with Jane Green from Victoria’s peer only sex worker organization, the Vixen Collective, about what’s next in creating better legislation for Victoria’s sex workers.


This segment of The Informer aired on JOY 94.9 on 22nd May 2018