Exclusive Interview : Melbourne Man who contracted HIV while on PrEP shares his story

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On the 22nd of May in 2017, Fairfax media broke the news that a Melbourne man had tested positive for HIV while he was on the PrEPX trial.

The minute that news hit the headlines, a member of our community had their voice taken away from them. With assumptions being drawn in the media and on social media about their sexual practices and character, and what this meant for PrEP users around the country.

We now have PrEP on the PBS and our narrative surrounding the HIV prevention drug and the people who use it have changed.

He was the fourth man worldwide to have contracted HIV while on PrEP and 1 year since the news broke, he approached Dean Arcuri, wanting to share his story and to talk about what this was like for him on JOY 94.9.

He was the subject of conversation but was able to tell his side of the story, as he saw assumptions and misinformation spread about his PrEP use, his character and his lived experience.

He still doesn’t have answers to why he contracted HIV but that doesn’t stop him from stepping forward and sharing his story, in spite of assumptions made about his character and his health when the news broke.

Now in this exclusive interview you’ll hear his side of the story.