/ The Informer / Education / South Australia’s Safe Schools Anti Bullying Initiative is no more, ACON launch training website for health professionals & organisations, & why change 1 law affecting Transgender Tasmanians, when you could change them all : 5th July 2018


On this episode we speak to the previous Program Manager of the Safe Schools and Anti Bullying Initiative in South Australia, which is no longer providing training and support for schools to become a more safe and inclusive environment for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families, with the program ending tomorrow.

With the confirmation last week that Tasmania is looking into removing forced transgender divorce for the state, allowing transgender Tasmanians to change their birth certificates without having unnecessary surgery to remove their reproductive organs, Tasmania’s Transgender community are coming together, and asking their politicians, why change one law, when you can change them all and the state that creates true equality for its Transgender community.

Plus, New South Wales Health organisation ACON, has launched a new training website for health professionals and organisations. We find out how this aims to improve their inclusion practices, to better serve LGBTI clients, customers, and staff.

This episode of The Informer aired on JOY 94.9 & was hosted by Tom Morgan.


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Jacqui has been a podcast editor for JOY 94.9 since 2016.


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