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Gay Conversion Therapy still happens in Australia.

Currently the Victorian Government has launched an inquiry into this so called ‘therapy’ with hopes to bring an end to the practice.

Queensland’s health minister has health minister has said he is seeking to determine if more powers can be given to Queensland’s health ombudsman, in a bid to crackdown on the therapy.

And WA’s Health Minister has restated his opposition to gay cure therapies saying people who come across professionals promoting counselling therapies should report them.

But what does gay conversion therapy actually mean, it isn’t as overt as you might think.

Now, on the Informer, we will hear from Chris and Robert, as they share their past experience trying to rid themselves of their homosexuality through this so-called therapy.

If you come across any or hear about any organisations or individuals practicing in conversion therapy, I encourage you to notify the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency at AHPRA.gov.au or you can call them on 1300 419 495.



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